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Sakamoto Days Chapter 146 Recap

In Sakamoto Days Chapter 146, Osaragi was initially immobilized by a freezy-freezy bomb, but she managed to unfreeze herself soon after. However, she was unable to defend herself and became completely frozen with fear. She thought Natsuki was a ghost because he was wearing a suit that made him invisible.

Natsuki saw a chance and quickly took Mafuyu and Shin away from where they were. They, along with Kaji, moved to a different area of the museum. It was revealed that Kashima didn’t believe in the Order’s ability to deactivate the bomb inside Mafuyu. When Kashima contacted Natsuki, it resulted in a joyful reunion between the two brothers.

Natsuki easily took out the bomb from Mafuyu’s body and scolded Mafuyu for making a foolish attempt to join the Order. He suggested that they cut off all connections with their family. Mafuyu was worried about their father chasing after them, but Natsuki comforted him and made him feel better. He reminded him that their father was not a skilled assassin and could be easily dealt with.

At this moment, Kaji realized that the bomb was still making a ticking sound even after it was removed from the person’s body. In a flashback, it was shown that Slur had made changes to prevent Kashima from stopping his plans. Shin quickly wrapped the bomb in a cloth. He used one of Natsuki’s freezing bombs to freeze it, then threw it outside the museum where it exploded.

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