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Jinx Chapter 46 Release Date

Jinx Chapter 46 Release Date: In the most recent Chapter of Jinx, the main characters are finally experiencing some positive developments, particularly for Kim Dan. He experienced a moment of assertiveness in a romantic situation, which was a departure from his usual submissive demeanor. Kim used to obey the orders of his benefactor, Jaekyung, who had plans of betraying him in the end.

Despite encountering challenging circumstances, Kim Dan stayed firm and unharmed. Over time, Jaekyung developed a sense of admiration for Kim’s unwavering focus. Kim’s newfound respect helped him develop a more positive self-image and greatly improved his self-esteem.

Jinx Chapter 46 Release Date

Fans from around the globe are eagerly anticipating the release of Jinx Chapter 46 on February 02, 2024. People are overflowing with passion, and numerous individuals are expressing their emotions on social media platforms.

The release date for Jinx Chapter 46 is scheduled for February 2, 2024. The timing of releasing this chapter varies in all region. Check the table below:

Korean Time ZoneFebruary 3, 202412:00
New York Time ZoneFebruary 2, 20247:00
Indian Time ZoneFebruary 2, 20248:30
Central Time ZoneFebruary 2, 20245:00
American Time ZoneFebruary 3, 20241:00
Japanese Time ZoneFebruary 3, 202412:00

Where to Read Jinx Chapter 46?

Fans of the Jinx manga series can read the 46 chapters on Lezhin Comics and Mangabuddy.

Jinx Chapter 46 Raw Scans and Spoiler

Still, there is no update about Jinx Chapter 46 raw scans or spoiler. Whenever we get any information, then we will update this post.

All About Jinx

Jinx is an exciting Manhwa tale created by Mingwa and available on Lezhin. The story revolves around Kim Dan, a compassionate individual who strives to improve the well-being of others. He’s facing challenges with his family and financial situation. One day, he encounters Joo Jaekyung, a renowned fighter, and the story takes an intriguing turn. Dan has the opportunity to care for Jaekyung, a formidable MMA fighter.

However, right before a crucial match, Jaekyung requests a unique favor, promising a generous reward of five thousand dollars. Despite Dan’s concerns about Jaekyung’s challenging demeanor, he reluctantly agrees due to his desperate financial situation. The story is filled with unexpected plot developments, making it an attracting read.

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