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Subbalakshmi Bhatia Biography

Subbalakshmi Bhatia is a well-known daughter of a celebrity in the Tamil film industry in South India. She is currently studying and has not started working in the entertainment industry yet. Subbalakshmi Bhatia is the daughter of Gautami Tadimalla, a well-known actress from South India.

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Subbalakshmi Bhatia Biography

Subbalakshmi Bhatia was born on November 2, 1999. She was born in a village called Tadimalla, which is located in Nidadavole in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Subbalakshmi Bhatia later relocated to Chennai with her mother. Sandeep Bhatia is Subbalakshmi Bhatia’s father.

Her parents got married in 1998, but they got divorced in 1999 due to unfit circumstances. Subbalakshmi Bhatia’s grandparents passed away a few years after her parents separated.

Subbalakshmi Bhatia grew up with her single mother because of these incidents. In 2005, Gautami Tadimalla began living with Kamal Haasan, a famous actor from South India who is also known for his skills in dancing, directing films, writing lyrics, singing, producing, and is currently involved in politics.

Subbalakshmi Bhatia has a close relationship with her father, Kamal Haasan. She also has two sisters named Shruthi Haasan and Akshara Haasan. In 2018, actress Gautami Tadimalla ended her relationship with actor Kamal Haasan after being together for 13 years.

The separation had an impact on Subbalakshmi Bhatia. Actor Kamal Haasan recently made a statement expressing his deep sadness about his separation from his partner Gautami Tadimalla and daughter Subbalakshmi Bhatia.

However, he also mentioned that he genuinely hopes for their happiness, comfort, and peace. Subbalakshmi Bhatia currently lives with her mother Gautami Tadimalla in their family home.

Subbalakshmi Bhatia Rumors

In 2018, people began to discover that Subbalakshmi Bhatia would be making her first appearance in the Kollywood industry. She was going to star in a remake of the popular Telugu movie Arjun Reddy, which came out in 2017.

The Tamil remake is called Varma and stars Dhruv Vikram, who is the son of Tamil actor Chiyaan Vikram. The film is being directed by Bala, a film director. Subbalakshmi Bhatia’s mother, Gautami Tadimalla, clarified that the rumors are false.

She cleared that Subbalakshmi Bhatia is currently focusing on her education. There is news that actress Gautami Tadimalla has been reaching out to several well-known film directors and producers to help put her daughter’s acting career with a good script. However, it was later discovered that this information was not true.

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