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Fuh Se Fantasy Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Fuh Se Fantasy Season 2 is ongoing web Series on JIO cinema. Episode 1 was published on 17 august 2023. In this post we will discuss about what was happened in episode 1. There are total 9 episodes in this web series. lets check out Fuh se fantasy season 2 episode 1 Recap.

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Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 starts with Kamya finding a love bite on his boyfriend’s neck and asking him about it. But both couples start to argue and split with each other.

A soft-hearted Kamya is romping on the road when her friend Dheeman comes. After Kamya shares this incident with him, Dheeman gets very angry. Kamya tried to calm him and go to a party with their other friends.

At a party, she drinks too much and parties all night with her friends. When Kamya gets too drunk, her friend Dheeman takes her home and tucks her into bed.

The following day, Kamya decided to leave this place. She took Dheeman’s laptop for ticket booking. Suddenly she finds a secret note in his laptop, where Dheeman writes about his romantic feelings for Kamya.

Kamya realizes that her best friend of seven years has secret feelings. After reading this note, she cancels her idea of leaving the place and decides to stay in the hotel room. She again reads the note by Dheeman and starts thinking about him.

She sends an anonymous text to Dheeman’s blog pages about his feelings for Kamya. Dheeman blocks the user. Kamya creates another user and sends him a message, requesting that he come to the swing area by 10 a.m. On that night, Kamya finds Dheeman at that place and casually lies about visiting the area for some air.

Kamya gave hints to Dheeman, and she has found the truth. The two friends drink and open up about their feelings before ending up on the bed. On the next morning, both find themselves facing each other due to last night’s mistake.

The first episode ends with Kamya writing a blog about Sweet Night with Dheeman and how she believes he is more than a friend, less than a lover, but always best and true friends.

Fuh Se Fantasy Season 2 is streaming on Jio Cinema. Let’s comment on your thoughts about Episode 1.


In conclusion, the first episode of “Fuh Se Fantasy Season 2” skillfully navigates the intricacies of friendship and romance. Kamya and Dheeman’s evolving relationship, marked by hidden feelings and candid moments, sets a promising tone for the season. As emotions deepen and boundaries blur, the episode leaves us eager to witness the journey ahead in this captivating series.

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